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23 Sep 2018

The Diaphragm, Physio, and the Myofascial System

Recently, and over the last few years, I’ve had a couple of cases that involved the diaphragm.  In each case, it was on a whim that I decided to do a diaphragm release.  Or rather, I had found very little wrong with these dogs, and so decided I needed to think outside the box, and assess the diaphragm. The recent case is a young male Golden Retriever.  He competes in obedience and field trialing, and has a few different issues over the years.  The owner had noticed... More

16 Sep 2018

What is and why you should learn about myofascial release…

The fascial system is the latest craze in the health care providers’ arena.  Rightly so!  It’s been a missing link for far too long, and just more recently have ‘the masses’ started to take a serious look at all that the fascial system can impact.  Let’s dive in. Fascia is the cotton-candy like structure that is between all ‘stuff’ in your body.  It is around all of your organs (it’s actually what keeps your organs in place... More

09 Sep 2018

To Brace or Not to Brace... Is that the question?

So, a topic about bracing popped up on a Facebook group I’m on.  Essentially, a rehab vet was asking about others’ opinions on bracing for cruciate deficiency, as she had been on another page where vets were knocking down the use of a brace.  Apparently one vet on the other group had stated that she had heard that dogs in a brace have no quality of life and can’t run and play, so what’s the point? Oh my goodness!  We all have such an uphill battle in p... More

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