Therapeutic Exercise
Anatomy, Biomechanics Physiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Teres Major Strains in the Canine
Physical Therapy Applications for Pain Management in the Canine Sports Medicine
Soft Tissue Injuries Of The Shoulder In The Canine Athlete
Differential Physical Therapy Diagnostics for the Canine Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Region
Musculoskeletal Welfare Aspects of Sporting Dog Activities
Conservative Management of Cruciate Deficiency with Physical Therapy
Assessment And Treatment Techniques For Canine Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunctions
Survey of the Practice of Animal Physiotherapy Internationally
Update on Animal Rehab
Physical Assessment 101 – PT Style
The Integrated Model for Assessment and Treatment for the Canine Thorax
Modalities Update
Shoulder and Stifle Workshop
Introduction to Canine Rehab
Advanced Canine Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy / Rehab
Introductory Canine Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy / Rehab
How to Massage Your Own Dog
How to Assess Your Own Dog for Injuries and Problems
Soft Tissue Injuries that can Affect Performance (in the sporting dog)
Differential Physical Therapy Diagnostics for the Canine Cervico-Thoracic-Shoulder Region
Evidence Based Physiotherapy
Neurological Rehabilitation of the Canine Patient
Traction Techniques for the Canine Spine
Sensory Integration in the Canine Patient
Mobilizations – Healing With Your Hands
How I Got Started in Animal Rehab
Basic Manual Therapy for the Canine Spine
Advanced Manual Therapy for the Canine Spine
Canine Extremity Manual Assessment & Treatment 
The Whole Body Physiotherapy Assessment
Inter-Professional Collaboration - A Veterinary and Physical Therapy Perspective
Physiotherapy for Pain Management of Osteoarthritis
Geriatric Wobblers and Physiotherapy Management
Rehab the Mind (Canine Dementia)
Conditioning and Exercise - Novel Concepts
Obesity Programs from a Rehab Perspective
Red Flags & Concerns for Rehabilitation of the Geriatric Patient
Marketing Your Canine Rehab Practice
Acupoint Localization for the Non-Needling Practitioner
Conservative Management of Cruciate Deficiency
Selected Soft Tissue Techniques for Muscle Activation or Relaxation
Rehab Reform - Retention, Referrals, Relationships
Management of Canine Hip Dysplasia over the Lifespan
Interactive Case Management
Introduction to Canine Craniosacral Therapy
Conditioning the Canine Athlete
Physio for the Conformation Dog
Laser Therapy Update
Myofascial Triggerpoint Mini Course
Myofascial Manual Therapies for the Canine Axial Skeleton & Extremities
Canine Pain Management
Conservative Management of Canine IVDD
Conservative Management of Canine Patellar Luxation
Rehab of the Canine Sporting Shoulder
Shockwave Therapy
The Evidence Behind Manual Therapy
Assessment & Treatment of Idiopathic Geriatric Vestibulitis
Clinical Pearls and Considerations for Management of the Geriatric Patient
Comprehensive Management of Iliopsoas Strains
A Paradigm for Exercise Prescription
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction in the Canine Patient
Sensory Integration and Anxiety in Dogs
Novel Ways to Exercise the Older Dog

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