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Mar 2022

Scratching the surface

Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt, CAFCI, CCRT

I was conversing with a physical therapist about a case.  This person obviously knew who I was, sought me out for my opinion and advice.  All good.  What transpired next sort of shocked me.  She commented, I learn so much from your blogs.  Great.  I do write great blogs!  I checked to see if this person was a member of, and found out that she wasn’t.  So, I replied, if you like the blogs, you’ll be blown away by the full content, and membership is very inexpensive.  Her response was, “I had no idea.  I’ll have to check it out.”


Okay, so how many of you reading this have no idea that is a membership website, with over 600 pieces of educational content?  If you’re already a member, you can quit reading at this point, and go find one of those bits of content to grow your knowledge and skills.  If you are not yet a member of Four Leg, keep reading!


Let’s start from the beginning.  All of the courses that culminate in a certification, diploma, or degree in animal physiotherapy just scratch the surface of information you need to know in order to be the best canine rehab practitioner / veterinary physiotherapist / animal physiotherapist you can be.  Mic drop.  You can’t begin to argue against this.  That’s why I started back in 2012.


Who was the forerunner of online canine rehab education?  Me.  I started the movement.  Others followed, yes, but the origination of online continuing education started at  Do you need continuing education?  Yes.  Do you need a library of information at your disposal?  Yes.  Do you need to access it at a very affordable price?  Yes again.


So, let me tell you about Four Leg.  First off, if you want an idea of how much content is currently accessible with the low cost of $20 Canadian a month ($15.87 USD, 14.35 Euros, or 12.07 Pounds… cheaper than Netflix!), then check out this link: 


Tons of stuff.  You get access to all of it right away.  How will you even begin to consume it?

As Four Leg grew in size, I knew I needed to create various ways for members to search, so I created multiple ways to see the information.  (See screen shot below)



You can type into the search bar (upper right corner), you can search my media type (video, newsletter, audio, newsletter), you can search by topic, and you can see what was most recently posted.  The amount of content is now huge, and I add to it monthly.  Well, technically weekly since the Four Leg Rehab Minute videos are archived here as well, if you’re looking for just a quicky bit of information in bite sized bits!


I just want to show you what a search looks like…  The first one is when I use the search bar.  The second one is when I used the Topics tab.  Use both.  Be creative with your word choices.  10 years of information is in there!!!



 Search function



 Topics Search


I also send out a weekly eblast.  It comes out in the early hours Monday morning (or later than that if you live in Australia!).  When you sign up, check your inbox to confirm that you want to be on the email list.  That’s where you’ll see the weekly updates, links to the blog, etc. etc.


How do you sign up?


Front page… and elsewhere.  Where is says Become A Member, click on that!  You can cancel at any time.

 Become A Member


Okay… that’s it!  I don’t promote the site very often.  Members seems to come into FourLeg quite organically.  Practitioners talk, people recommend… and members filter in.  I’m not pushy. Price is low.  I just want everyone to have mad skills when it comes to canine rehab!


Oh, PS, and I’ve negotiated discounts on products… When you’re a member, check out the tab for product discounts!


Okay, now that really is it!


Have a great week folks, and hopefully I’ll see more of you on the Member’s side of!