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Apr 2021

Diaper Suspenders... Owners can be so clever!

As usual, owners of dogs with disabilities are AMAZING!  Such is the case with this ‘diaper hack’.


I was at my clinic the other day and out from one of the other treatment rooms comes a little Frenchie wearing suspenders!!  Suspenders from harness to diapers!  And they worked perfectly!  Have a look!

I got all excited about them. The owner exclaimed, “They’re mitten clips”.  What?  When I was a kid, Moms would knit a long line of yard that would go through your coat arms that connected your two mittens… no clips!  So, I had to look it up…   

Well look at this… they are a real thing!  And sold by many!

Now anyone can purchase from Amazon or Etsy… but I thought… well, what if folks from warmer climates just can’t wrap their heads around the concept of “MITTENS”, then why not look up Sheet Clips.  So, I did that. Turns out there’s plenty of those available on Amazon as well!

The Mitten Clips are cuter and more colourful for sure (if owners are looking for ‘style’).  But all in all, this is a remarkable solution to the droopy diaper dilemma, and I just had to share!

Have a wonderfully creative week ahead!

Cheers!  Laurie