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Apr 2020

Taking Stock

Taking Stock

I came across a blog from back in the Fall of 2019 -  The Next-Best-Hardest-Thing. Essentially it gives an account of the author achieving her Pain Science Fellowship.  In light of the world right now, I thought this was a good topic for discussion… but maybe taking the topic in a different direction.


I’ll admit it.  I’m a workaholic. I really enjoy what I do… pretty much all aspects.  I like working with the dogs, visiting with their owners, teaching other practitioners, and getting pertinent digestible clinically relevant information out to professional canine rehab practitioners.  I like marketing.  I like living on a ranch.  I like gardening.  And so on!  I’ve accomplished some big goals:  Achieved a degree in Physical Therapy; Created the curriculum and taught the first canine rehab / physiotherapy / physical therapy courses in Canada, the USA, and Australia; Created curricula leading to certification programs in canine rehab; Taught all over the world; Completed my Master Degree in Animal Physiotherapy; Started a canine rehab business; Opened a canine rehab clinic with business partners; Have grown that clinic to a staff of 15; Raised two boys and one husband; and so on.


However, in scrolling through Facebook and chatting with dog owners, I see a variety of messages and emotions.  


One side of the coin says, ‘Use this time to strengthen your business, get $h!# done, come out of this stronger and ready to zoom ahead.’  The other side says, ‘Take this time to go inside, connect with yourself, enjoy what you have, learn gratitude, and come out of this with a new set of values.’


Neither side is wrong… and maybe living right in the middle is correct as well.  Truth is, that each individual when into this pandemic living at a unique point along this continuum of daily activity (workaholic versus sloth), and each person will have a unique ‘take away’ from this crisis.  As such your challenge is to figure out your current motivation and next moves.  


This is obviously easier said than done, especially if you are facing financial impacts, or forced to home school or entertain your children while trying to do ANYTHING else in your day. However, if you’ve taken the time to read this far, perhaps take some time to follow through on my suggestions below.


Perhaps now is the best time to take stock the following:  What do you have?  What do you not need – now or in the future?  What makes you happy?  What do you want more of?  What matters most to you? Do you have any burning goals?  Do you have unrealistic self-flagellating expectations of what your life should look like that you can let go of?  What can you release? Would  a downsizing make life simpler?


When you examine these things, THEN you can decide your next move.  Do you dive head first into building (yourself, your business, your goals)?  Or do you scale back and downsize (your expectations, your busy-ness, and how hard you are on yourself)?  


Honestly, you’re likely somewhere in the middle.  What I believe is pertinent to do right now is to spend some time THINKING about these questions.  Write down the questions and your answers.  Make some changes.  And when the turmoil ends, see how you feel then.


So, my friends,  

Be strong, or not. 

Fight boldly or retreat.

Plan to grow or hibernate a little longer.

But do take stock, so that you can be contented in your actions.

You are not wrong.