Video Training 221: Retraining Movement in the Neurologic Dog

19 Dec 2021
Your next patient is a neuro dog, affected with 'whatever' kind of neurologic lesion. You know you need to work on function and retraining movement. Where do you start? This video takes you on a thought processing journey to help you plan you rehab session with sequenced movement in mind!
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Video Training 220: Cranial Electrostimulation

21 Nov 2021
Looking for a new pain management tool? What about cranial electrostimulation, CES, Microcurrent, MENS, MET, Alpha-Stim? Essentially a pain mitigation strategy that targets the brain. Check out this video to learn more!
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2021: Fall: Volume 10, Issue 4

24 Oct 2021
OTHER sporting dogs research update! This edition of Four Leg News brings you recent research on Flyball, Sled Dogs, and Canicross injuries. Skijoring. Bikejoring. Mushing.
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Video Training 219: Comprehensive Management of Iliopsoas Strains

19 Sep 2021
This is a talk I gave at the IAVRPT virtual conference May of 2021.  I have to admit that I learned a lot from doing the research into this topic.  It could also be called UPDATE ON TENDON REHAB, because the information within pertains to all tendons... it's just been spun to think about how to apply it to iliopsoas.  So, please watch and be prepared to learn a lot as well! 
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Video Training 218: Canine STAPL

22 Aug 2021
Stenosing Tenosynovitis of Abductor Pollicis Longus. Thank you to Helen Robartes for this contribution.  I had seen Helen mention a presentation that she had done on this topic (which I had never heard of), so I asked if she would record it for Four Leg so that I could share it with all of you!
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2021: Summer: Volume 10, Issue 3

18 Jul 2021
Working dogs research update! This edition of Four Leg News brings you recent research on hunting / working dogs. You’ll find included articles on New Zealand working stock dogs, Military dogs, Police and Search and Rescue dogs. An interesting study that looked at a genome comparison between sport-hunting dogs and terriers is included. As well, some information on the best cooling methods for working dogs and sacroiliac joint findings in young working Labrador Retrievers.
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Video Training 217: GOLPP / Laryngeal Paralysis

20 Jun 2021
Laryngeal Paralysis, Lar-Par, LP, Geriatric Onset Laryngeal Paralysis, GOLPP... all refer to parts or the whole of a problem affecting not just the airway and ability for a dog to breath, but also a neurologic issue that affects dog's movement as well.  Click to view some background information on GOLPP, rehab suggestions, and what I've been doing as a treatment for these dogs.
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Video Training 216: K9 Align System

16 May 2021
The K9 Align is a patented product designed to help dogs with hip dysplasia and/or hip arthritis. Have a watch to learn more and see a couple of case studies that benefited by using this product. Thank you to Lisa Bedenbaugh for your contributions!
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2021: Spring: Volume 10, Issue 2

18 Apr 2021
Agility Update part 2! In this issue learn about kinematics related to the A-frame, digit injuries, handler and dog injuries, and return to sport. Enjoy!
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Modalities Update: Laser Phototherapy book

04 Apr 2021
Thank you to Peter Jenkins of Spectravet Lasers for providing the full digital version of this book. It is literally the laser bible!
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Designing A Rehab Program

21 Mar 2021
What do I do??? This audio is intended to help you slow down and think, no matter the case that walks through your door. You may or may not have a diagnosis, but you can create a problem list and subsequently goals to address those problems and then formulate a plan for which tools you can use to achieve your goals! The article to accompany this can be found in the Articles "Miscellaneous" section & "Business of Canine Rehab" section
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Miscellaneous: Designing A Rehab Program

21 Mar 2021
What are your rehab Goals? What tools do you have in your Rehab Tool Box? (This goes along with the Audio-Designing A Rehab Program
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Designing A Rehab Program

21 Mar 2021
What are your rehab Goals? What tools do you have in your Rehab Tool Box? (This goes along with the Audio-Designing A Rehab Program
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Video Training 215: Swimmer's Syndrome in Puppies

21 Feb 2021
Swimmer's Syndrome, swimming puppy, turtle pup, flat puppy syndrome, twisted leg syndrome, pectus excavatum... all terms that have been used or associated with this condition. Watch this video to learn more about this condition and most importantly how to treat it!
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Evidence Based Manual Therapy

24 Jan 2021
Does your patient have a joint injury? A spine injury? Rib pain? Sacroiliac joint issues? Then manual therapy can make all the difference! Manual therapy is a mainstay of physiotherapy and rehabilitative practice and can improve both pain and stiffness in your veterinary patients. Come to learn more about manual therapy! This is a long one - 50 minutes - so grab a cup of coffee and stay a while!
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2021: Winter: Volume 10, Issue 1

03 Jan 2021
Agility Update! In this issue learn about kinematics of jumping and muscle activation. This is part 1 of 'what's new' in dog sport literature. Enjoy
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Video Training 214: Acupoints for Wellbeing

20 Dec 2020
Based on one of my own acupuncture sessions, and then trialing the same points on dogs, I now present you an amazing treatment adjunct for any of your senior or deconditioned dogs! Wellness points for overall wellbeing!
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Video Training 213: Gua Sha - Part 2

06 Dec 2020
Part 2 of the Gua Sha, IASTM, Graston, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization / manipulation. In this video, we look at the literature & research on the subject AND how to apply this technique to dogs. Another fascial technique for your tool kit! (Chinese soup spoon technique, scraping technique, coining technique, work that fascia!)
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Video Training 212: Gua Sha - Part 1

22 Nov 2020
Gua Sha, IASTM, Graston, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization / manipulation. Check this out for a novel technique to try on yourself (and then your dog, and then your canine patients). Another fascial technique to add to your tool kit! Great for fascia, tendon, & muscle! Also known as Chinese soup spoon technique, scraping technique, or coining technique.
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Outcome Measures & Forms: FINFUN Neurologic Function Testing

06 Nov 2020
Bostrom et al (2018) The Finnish Neurological Function Testing Battery
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2020: Nov-Dec: Volume 9, Issue 6

06 Nov 2020
Objective Outcome Measures - the final instalment! This time we dive into neurologic function, neuro scoring, scales to quantify neurological gait dysfunctions, and a battery of tests to grade overall neurologic function in dogs.
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Outcome Measures & Forms: Olby Functional Neuro Scoring System

06 Nov 2020
Olby et al (2001) Neuro Scoring System
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Outcome Measures & Forms: cBBB Canine Neuro Locomotor Scale

06 Nov 2020
Song et al (2016) Canine Neuro Locomotor Scale
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Video Training 211: Return to Sport Testing Case Study

25 Oct 2020
Determine fitness or appropriateness for return to sport should be an objective process. In this video, I present a case on which I tested my own Return to Sport Testing measures. Note: The Return to Sport Testing Checklist can be found in Article, Outcome Measures & Canine Athlete Considerations.Enjoy!
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Canine Athlete Considerations: Return To Sport Testing Checklist

25 Oct 2020
Check list of tests for a Return To Sport evaluation
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Outcome Measures & Forms: Return To Sport Testing Checklist

25 Oct 2020
Check list of tests for a Return To Sport evaluation.
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Business & Marketing - Part 25 - Stay Small

11 Oct 2020
This audio was inspired by a book that was given to me entitled ReWork.  A nice easy to read book that challenges your thinking when it comes to your business.  Should growth always be your goal? Are you better off as a small business?  Is it actually advantageous to stay small?   Are there things that you are doing that are 'big business' in mentality, but useless as a smaller business?  Have a listen (and send me your feedback!)
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 210: Tips for Treating Cats

27 Sep 2020
Thank you to Kim Barrett, PT of Paws Animal Rehab based in Edmonton, Canada for her fabulous contribution to this video. Cats are tricky creatures to perform rehab on! This video gives you ideas and suggestions for how to be successful in you cat therapy sessions! Enjoy!
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Video Training 209: A Puppy Litter Assessment

13 Sep 2020
By popular demand (and good timing), I'm able to present to you a FULL puppy litter assessment. This is a long one! 58 minutes. I didn't edit anything. Watch my hands. Listen to the dialogue and commentary. This could be a wonderful addition to your list of services! Enjoy!
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2020: Sept-Oct: Volume 9, Issue 5

30 Aug 2020
Objective Outcome Measures continued. This time we look at pressure algometry. Also known as mechanical threshold testing (MTT) and mechanical nociceptive testing (MNT), this is a quantifiable objective measurement of mechanical pressure to evoke a response. Learn more and see if this tool is one you'd like to use clinically!
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The Safety of Shockwave Therapy

22 Aug 2020
The Safety of Shockwave (part 1) is a document created for the Animal Rehab Division as part of our discussions with the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.
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The Safety of Shockwave - Part 2

22 Aug 2020
Part 2 of Shockwave Safety is a part of a follow up letter to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario to address their specific concerns regarding the safety of shockwave. (There are also references regarding laser - consider it a bonus!)
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Video Training 208: Conducting a Sporting Dog Baseline Assessment

16 Aug 2020
Are you looking at conducting a Sporting Dog Baseline Assessment? Here's what we did at my clinic. Take what works for you! The Articles section, under Canine Athletes has two forms & templates for you to use / customize. Have fun!
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Canine Athlete Considerations: Sporting Dog Baseline Assessment REPORT Template

14 Aug 2020
This is a report of findings template for a sporting dog baseline assessment. Change it as needed.
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Canine Athlete Considerations: Sporting Dog Baseline Assessment Measurement Form

14 Aug 2020
This is the form used to capture the objective measurements taken at our sporting dog baseline assessment day. Modify as appropriate for your use!
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Video Training 207: Conditioning the Canine Athlete - Part 2

02 Aug 2020
In part two of Conditioning the Canine Athlete, we'll look at the literature as it pertains to balance, flexibility, agility, core stability, warm up and cool down. Then, I'll try to put it all together to summarize.
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Miscellaneous: Common Vet & PT Acronyms

26 Jul 2020
By special request - and admittedly incomplete - 2020 version of Common Canine Rehab Vet & PT Acronyms. E-mail me when you have a list of more to add! acronyms, terminology, shorthand, charting, chart notes, cheat sheet
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Video Training 206: Conditioning the Canine Athlete - Part 1

19 Jul 2020
This is part one of Conditioning the Canine Athlete. I wanted to review human literature to see what kinds of training actually made a difference to sport performance. Part one covers Requirements of a conditioning program, Basic pre-season conditioning, Review of sport-specific skills, and the concepts of Power Training, and High Intensity Interval Training.
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2020: July-Aug: Volume 9, Issue 4

05 Jul 2020
Outcome Measures - Lameness Scales / Lameness Scores / Subjective Lameness Evaluation. Did you know that there isn't a validated subjective lameness measurement tool? However, because objective measurement tools aren't always feasible or available in clinical practice, we might as well look at what we can find to help quantify lameness in day to day practice. Enjoy the read!
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Microbiota & Musculoskeletal Health

21 Jun 2020
A healthy microbiome (gut bacteria) is imperative for good health. Not only is it useful for proper digestive functioning, but having a flourishing microbiota is being shown to have a positive impact on musculoskeletal conditions (such as osteoarthritis) as well! Check this out!
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 205: Infrared Thermography- Part 2 - How To & Clinical Observations

07 Jun 2020
Part two of Infrared Thermography (IRT) looks at how to use the tool for best effectiveness. Thank you to Meghan Laing (Regina, Sk, Canada) for the first part of this video. The second part of the video looks at correlations with infrared thermography and our clinical findings.
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Miscellaneous: Thinking like a PT / Physio

31 May 2020
An oldy! Created circa 2004 (likely earlier). How to think like a PT was created to help non-PTs look at cases and problem solve or categorize their clinical finding to help make the best educated guess on underlying pathology. I've been asked about this document and just dug it up recently. (I didn't even edit it for typos... just putting it up as is.) Maybe it'll help someone!
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Video Training 204: Infrared Thermography - Part 1 - Literature Review

24 May 2020
Are you wondering about Infrared Thermography? Wondering if it's a tool worth investing in? Could IRT be part of your diagnostic line up? Is infrared thermography a good outcome measure? How accurate is it compared to internal body temperatures? This literature review will help you to become objective about this tool and to decide if or how to utilize it in your practice!
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2020: May-June: Volume 9, Issue 3

10 May 2020
More Objective Outcome Measures! This time FourLeg News looks into Stance Analysis / Weight Bearing Measures. There are research articles reviewed that look at commercially available stance analysis equipment and also the use of bathroom scales as a means for measuring weight bearing! Enjoy the read!
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Video Training 203: Proprioceptive Foot Wraps

26 Apr 2020
A big thank you to Jenny Moe of Moe Love Myofascial Release based in San Francisco for providing her portion of this video and for being the inspiration behind my portion of the video (where I used the information Jenny provides and apply it to a recent patient of mine.) I think you will like this as a practical solution for dogs that have some toe scuffing troubles.
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Video Training 202: Homemade Carts

12 Apr 2020
Check out this video to learn how you can make a PVC cart that can be used for newly paralyzed dogs or severely debilitated dogs as a measure to get them up, get them going, test their function, and so on!
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Video Training 201: Limb Circumference

29 Mar 2020
Following up on the limb circumference newsletter, I thought a video of how I (personally) try to be consistent with how I measure limb circumference. An outcome measure that matters! With a little bit of humour thrown in...
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2020: Mar-Apr: Volume 9, Issue 2

15 Mar 2020
Continuing on the Objective Outcomes theme, this edition of FourLeg News is all about Limb circumference. Important are the parts regarding validity, reliability, etc. Everything you wanted to know about limb circumference as an outcome measure all in one place! Happy learning! Yay outcome measures!
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Video Training 200: Shockwave Part 3

01 Mar 2020
Part 3 (the finale) of the Shockwave series. In this video you will how to convert the data (Radial versus Focused), Discussion of Customized Protocols, How often to use it, Frequently asked questions, and some Case Studies! Enjoy!
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Video Training 199: Shockwave Part 2

16 Feb 2020
Part 2 of the Shockwave training focuses on it's use for Non-unions and Stress Fractures, Osteoarthritis, Back pain, Trigger points... and something 'surprising'!
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Video Training 198: Shockwave Part 1

02 Feb 2020
What do you need to know about SHOCKWAVE? Watch part 1 of this 3-part series to learn more. This episode contains information about the history, types, parameters, indications, effects, and contraindications of shockwave. As well, we dive into use for tendons, plantarfasciitis, canine tendons... and a surprise use!
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Video Training 197: Going Mobile

19 Jan 2020
This video is courtesy of Tania Costa. Tania has recently changed her business structure to be in a brick and mortar business to being mobile and part time in a home-based business. Check out this video to learn more about the transition and how the transition has gone.
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2020: Jan-Feb: Volume 9, Issue 1

05 Jan 2020
Objective Outcome Measures: In this edition of FourLeg News we look at goniometric use in canine studies. Validity of the goniometer, as well as measurements of canine extremity joints in different breeds are reported here! Dive on in and update your goniometry knowledge!
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Video Training 196: Senior Dog Advice

21 Dec 2019
This video is a compilation of small video clips that we did for Senior Dog Month at my clinic, The Canine Fitness Centre. You might find some of the tips useful! As well, I'd like you to be inspired to create similar videos around a theme as a social media marketing strategy for your practice! Enjoy!
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Video Training 195: Canine Conditioning Tips

08 Dec 2019
Lorna Clarke, PT has been kind enough to submit a couple of videos... enjoy this 3-part compilation about warming up your dog, and some simple conditioning exercises for your canine athletes.  Not only do the videos provide good information, but they are also videos that Lorna uses for her online fitness and conditioning class.  Looking to increase your exposure?  Looking for something to market?  Looking for something to make your stand out from your competition?  Think about doing something similar!Check out this video and also Lorna's webpage:
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Business & Marketing - Part 24 - Owner, Therapist, or Both?

24 Nov 2019
Are you a business owner? A therapist? Or both? Each of these scenarios and roles takes a different toll and directs your attention accordingly. Are you where you want to be? Are you spending your time where it's necessary? Enjoy the listen!
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

2019: Nov-Dec: Volume 8, Issue 6

10 Nov 2019
WOBBLER's again! Caudal cervical spondylomyelopathy, Disc-associated Wobbler Syndrome, wobbler's... This time, we dive into conservative treatment options. What's in veterinary literature, and what we can do to improve upon that with our rehab / physio skills as well!
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27 Oct 2019
Thank you to Dr. David Lane again for his contribution to your learning. Here, David has reviewed 12 Abstracts from the Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeons meeting in 2017. Tune in to learn about Stem cell survival, PRP & Stem cell for the hip, Measured shoulder abduction, Pancarpal arthrodesis, Meniscal kinematics, Tibial morphology, Post-op rehab for IVDD, Sham versus LLLT for elbow OA, Carprophen and PRP, A-frame kinetic gait analysis, Patellar tendon thickening with TPLO, and radioactive particle injection to the synovium. Listen up for 20 minutes of brain building knowledge translation!
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 194: Voodoo Flossing Canine Test

13 Oct 2019
So, I finally decided to try this out. Voodoo flossing / Joint Flossing / Tissue Flossing / Blood Flow Restriction. I found some information on this topic for a blog post a while back - see: And it's taken me this long to give it a test drive! Check this out and see what YOU think!
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Video Training 193: Tips & Tricks for the Neurological Patient

29 Sep 2019
Enjoy this compilation of videos consisting of tips and tricks for working with neurologic patients. How to customize the Pawz booties. How to create a temporary 'toes up' dorsiflexion contraption and use of kinesiology tape to help with foot dragging. And panties & belly bands for leaky, dribbly dogs as well as the Q-tip technique! Thank you to Lisa Bedenbaugh and Ilaria Borghese for their contributions to this video!
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2019: Sept-Oct: Volume 8, Issue 5

15 Sep 2019
LASER THERAPY - Myth Buster Edition! - Controversial Applications - Myths - Contraindications (or not) - Weird ways to use it
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Video Training 192: Vibration Platforms - Part 3

01 Sep 2019
Vibration Training... now you might want to try it! Check out what research there is in canine and equine subjects. Then watch what how we tested out different ways to use this device at my clinic, The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd. Fun!
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Animal Rehab Education in North America - 2017

28 Aug 2019
Looking into the different animal rehab training courses in North America? Here's a review of the curricula of each. (Conducted in 2017)
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Video Training 191: Vibration Platforms - Part 2

18 Aug 2019
Vibration Training... now you're more curious! Dive a little deeper and learn about Vibration Training for Osteoarthritis, The Aging, The Elderly, & The Obese, AND for Spinal Cord Injury! Check it out!
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Video Training 190: Vibration Platforms - Part 1

04 Aug 2019
Vibration Training? Worth looking into? Start here to find out. Part 1 of this series looks at Vibration Training for general health and effects on the body, for Athletes, for post-op ACLs, and for bone. It's an interesting topic!
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Video Training 189: Urinary Incontinence & Back Pain

21 Jul 2019
Thanks again to Dr. David Lane of Points East West Veterinary Services in Squamish, BC, Canada. This is a synopsis on the presentation Dr. Lane gave at the 2018 IAVRPT conference on the relationship between urinary incontinence & back pain.
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2019: July-Aug: Volume 8, Issue 4

07 Jul 2019
This started as a tribute to my favourite researcher, Ronaldo da Costa. It also turned out to be a great way for me to get caught up on all of the new WOBBLER'S RESEARCH as well - Wobbler Syndrome, wobbler's caudal cervical spondylomyelopathy... This one contains a bit of Background, Etiology & Pathology, New Places to look for a problem, and Gait Analysis of affected dogs. Enjoy the read!
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Video Training 188: Paint Roller Physio

23 Jun 2019
A new tool for your tool kit! A simple paint roller!!! Watch this video to see how this super simple tool could be used in treating your canine patients and could be something to prescribe as part of a home program. Seriously!!!
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Business & Marketing - Part 23 - The Cats & Dogs of Marketing

08 Jun 2019
Marketing to your existing clients versus marketing to attract new clients should be different. More specifically, your tactics to do so should be different. Essentially one of those customers is more like a cat, whereas the other one is more like a dog.  And, you can't really treat them (or market to them) in the same way.
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 187: The Pelvic Tilt Exercise

26 May 2019
This is my new favourite exercise: The Pelvic Tilt! I've been using it for a few years now, but was just recently reintroduced to it by a fellow PT who uses it for different reasons. Okay... check out the video and see if it's something you might like to incorporate into your therapy protocols as well!
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2019: May-June: Volume 8, Issue 3

12 May 2019
Veterinary perception about animal rehab, physical therapy, complementary healthcare. Education in complementary healthcare. Interprofessional practice. Very different, but interesting!
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Readers Digest Version - Idiopathic Geriatric Vestibulitis

06 May 2019
Hang on for the ride!!! 23 minute whirlwind discussion of assessment and treatment of idiopathic geriatric vestibulitis!
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Video Training 186: Medial Patellar Luxation Update

28 Apr 2019
For a talk I was giving in late 2018, I did a bit of research to find out what was new in regards to medial patellar luxation in dogs. I found the research fascinating, and thought you would too! So have a look - watch, listen, learn - and grow your brain on the topic of Medial Patellar Luxation.
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Business & Marketing - Part 22 - What do you do?

14 Apr 2019
This audio is sparked from a number of conversations & discussions I've partaken in lately. What do you do... When the referring vet won't let you start rehab for 8 weeks? When you send a dog back to the surgeon but get 'blown off' that it's not a problem? When your supervisor / boss is wrong in their recommendations? When the vet surgeon tells YOUR patient to come to their facility for rehab? And so on... Listen in for my thoughts, and some of the conundrums we are all facing!
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Use of Laser in Canine Rehab - Update HANDOUT

05 Apr 2019
The Handout for you to print out and follow along or takes notes!
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LLLT-780 - 860nm Contact Application Veterinary Dosages

03 Apr 2019
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LLLT - 904/905nm Superpulsed Contact Application Veterinary Dosages

03 Apr 2019
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LLLT - Scanning Application (Class 4a) Veterinary Dosages

03 Apr 2019
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Video Training 185: Kinesiology Taping Dogs!

31 Mar 2019
Now you understand the science, so how would you do it? Check out the next video to see some of the K-Taping options for your canine patient!
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Video Training 184: The Science Behind Kinesiotaping

17 Mar 2019
Have you wondered about the research behind K-Taping, Kinesiotaping, Kinesiology Taping? Me to! That's why I created this video... what's real in the literature and what's hype! Stay tuned for Part 2 - HOW to Kinesiotape Your Canine Patient.
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2019: March-April: Volume 8, Issue 2

25 Feb 2019
Are you ready to get wet? This edition of Four Leg News is an update on Hydrotherapy in the literature. Kinematics, heart rate, temperature, function, muscle activity, ground reaction forces, weight loss, osteoarthritis, and more! You might need a life vest... or do you? Read up to find out!
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Sit Pretty - What all the fuss is about!

23 Feb 2019
Okay, so I have come out saying that I don't like the exercise 'Sit Pretty'. Here are my articles (blog posts) about the topic AND my suggestions for what can be done for core stability instead. Have a read on 'What all the fuss is about!'
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Business & Marketing - Part 21 - Public Speaking

17 Feb 2019
So, you are convinced that you need to do some lecturing as a way to grow and strengthen your business. But, you need some tips on HOW to public speak! How do you structure your talk? Should you have a powerpoint? What to wear? How to set up? Your voice... eye contact... and strategies to win over your audience and feel comfortable. All of my 4-H Public speaking knowledge and 20 years of teaching experience all wrapped up into this audio.
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 183: Therapeutic exercise for a cat!

03 Feb 2019
Do you secretly dread treating cats? Not because you don't like them, but because they aren't nearly as motivated to work as your canine patients! Well then, you'll enjoy this video! Join Tania Costa (Canine Wellness Centre - Toronto area, Canada) as she attempts to create a home exercise program for a cat.
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Harness Study 2019

23 Jan 2019
The Harness Study... End result = ALL harnesses restrict shoulder extension.
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Video Training 182: IVDD Update

19 Jan 2019
What does disc degeneration look like? Updates on Hansen's Type 1 & 2, Annepe, Hnpe, and I threw in FCE also. Then a little on functional assessments, and ideas for prevention. It's a good video, you should watch!!
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2019: Jan-Feb: Volume 8, Issue1

06 Jan 2019
Welcome to the Stenosis Issue. Inside you will learn about what is currently known and done for canine lumbosacral stenosis in veterinary medicine, what is done regarding conservative management in human medicine, and what you can do to better treat these dogs conservatively in your rehab practice! Enjoy!
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Writing a Vet Report

29 Dec 2018
This was posted on the forum a year or two (or more) ago, and I thought I'd turn it into a 'cheat sheet' for others to easily find and use. Writing reports does not always come naturally... so here are my tips to help you out and to make your reports easy to churn out!
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Video Training 181: Lasers in Canine Rehab - Part 2

23 Dec 2018
Now... Part 2 - Lasers in Canine Rehab! Your laser indications, dosing, etc.! Enjoy the learning and happy lasering!
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Video Training 180: Lasers in Canine Rehab - Part 1

09 Dec 2018
This comes from a presentation I gave for my Aussie friends in October. So, here's part 1 of Lasers in Canine Rehab. Enjoy the update & stay tuned for part 2!!!
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Conservative CCL Handout

09 Dec 2018

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Conservative MPL Handout

09 Dec 2018

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Conservative Soft Tissue Handout

09 Dec 2018

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Conservative IVDD Handout

09 Dec 2018

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Video Training 179: Inflatable Exercises

25 Nov 2018
Looking for ideas and inspiration for using low profile inflatables? Check out this video that shows you how you might use a new piece of equipment (or substitute with what you already have) with your canine patients. wobble cushion. Lolipup. balance disc.
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2018: Nov-Dec: Volume 7, Issue 6

13 Nov 2018
This issue is the Juvenile Conditions & Issues issue! (Say that 10 times fast!) Dive inside to read about Carpal Laxity Syndrome, Hereditary Ataxia in Scottish Terriers, Inherited Myopathy in Great Danes, & Swimmers Syndrome. Happy Reading!
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Business & Marketing - Part 20 - Agricultural Epiphanies

28 Oct 2018
This audio is a case study regarding an epiphany I had while selling our calves from the ranch this year. I can't believe how clueless I was... but I have a plan going forwards! (And if you can't get it to play, click the download button and you will be taken to a screen from where you can play... or download.)
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

The Use of Laser in Canine Rehab

17 Oct 2018
Join me as we discuss "Frickin' Laser Beams"!
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Video Training 178: Cerebellar Ataxia - Part 2

14 Oct 2018
So you suspect your patient has Cerebella Ataxia. Now what? Check out this video to learn what to do! - Adapting from human physiotherapy protocols for cerebellar ataxia, we can formulate a plan for treating canine cerebellar ataxia.
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Video Training 177: Cerebellar Ataxia - Part 1

30 Sep 2018
Wobbles and bobbles, a rhythm all their own... maybe your patient has Cerebellar Ataxia. In the past you may have thought there was nothing you could do. But watch this two part series to see what Rehab can offer to your next Cerebellar Ataxia patient!
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