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Nov 2022

Don’t Discount Your Service!

Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt, CAFCI, CCRT

This is a topic that I have voiced an opinion about before.  Recently, I listened to a podcast “Why You Shouldn’t Offer Discounts for Physical Therapy”.


The blog was in relation to a question from a physical therapists who noted that some of her long term patients (i.e. post op cruciate repairs) started asking for a discount or a bulk package discount for services.  Right away, by the title of the podcast, I knew what the answer would be, but I was curious to know the reasons ‘why’ that were going to be given by those on the channel.


P.S. Here’s a link to the original for those who are interested: 


One has to ask the question, ‘Where does it end?’  What else do you need to discount?  What else will you be asked to discount, throw in, donate, etc.?  If you are packaging your services (i.e. for X number of visits), are you prepared to give a refund if the patient progresses faster through their rehab?  While you want to be sensitive to the client, you need to be sensitive to yourself as well and what YOU bring to the patient’s healing.


It’s also important to price yourself correctly in the market based on your skill set.  That being said, don’t disappoint based on your service.  Ensure you are delivering high quality care that you can stand behind and feel confident in charging for.


If you are going to do a discount, it’s not typically a huge  amount - perhaps 5%.  That’s not a  big incentive or break for the client.  So in reality, you are just losing 5%.  Sometimes people are just in a habit of asking.  However, most people respect when you say ‘no’.  It’s not usually a ‘deal breaker’.


When you MIGHT use a discount for service is if you are trying to drum up business.  (i.e. your schedule is open, you’re are offering something new, or you are new.)  In this case, it’s a ‘front end’ offer.  Something to get a client in the door, with the hopes that they will become a longer term client there-after.


Don’t ‘devalue’ yourself.  Don’t feel bad for charging what you’re worth. Be confident in what you provide & the value what your provide.  You should feel good about the service you provide.


One more thing!  Don’t devalue the INDUSTRY either!  If you provide a discount, then your neighbouring clinic might feel like they need to do the same, and so on and so on.  Soon, the service in general is regarded as worth less than what everyone was originally charging.  



MY take on it?  I don’t think it’s professional to discount your services.  Do you expect your orthopaedic surgeon to discount his/her service?  Your accountant?  Your lawyer?  No.  

So, simply put.  Value yourself and ensure that you are communicating your worth and delivering exceptional service, and don’t feel bad about charging what your worth!


On that note, do great work, charge what your worth, and keep on being fantastic!