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20 Aug 2017

Growth Spurts & Back Pain

 I had a patient in last week.  A 6-month-old Portuguese Water Dog puppy.  He had SIJ pain and dysfunction, and pelvic asymmetry.  Now, this is a puppy I’ve been following since he came to this owner at approximately 2ish months of age.  So, I can tell you, that last month he was not asymmetric and did not have SIJ pain.  I worked on his SIJ, but it took many tries, and a myriad of different techniques until I was able to reduce the pain and improve the s... More

13 Aug 2017

Cryosaunas for dogs?

 I was asked an interesting question.  Do I know of anyone who has used cryostimulation (aka. cryosauna technology / whole body cryotherapy / partial body cryotherapy) on a dog?  The short answer is ‘no’.  But I wanted to look up the research a bit more to see what kind of validation the practice had, or not! So, I hit pubmed and found the following recent review paper:Bouzigon R. et al.  Whole- and partial-body cryostimulation / cryotherapy: Current tec... More

06 Aug 2017

Physical Therapy & Discs

Treating animals with disc lesions using physical therapy manual techniques (mobilizations or traction) is often met with concern by non-rehab veterinarians.  However, it is common-place in human practice.  Mechanical and neurophysiological effects have been the rationale for utilizing manual therapy interventions for patients with low back pain. A recent review paper looked at the physiological effects of physical therapy interventions, including manual therapy and traction, on t... More

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